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2014-01-31 10.11.10Of all the things i am going to miss when i move, i will miss my dumpster the most.

There I  was, standing there looking at that little house on the river, ts little rooms and its little stair case…all in my visualization.  On the plus side it means 2 things to me…easier to heat…and, i need a bigger screen porch.  The downside, i need less stuff and smaller versions of what passes for normal size.    Hey, even if i DON’T get that particular house, less stuff is always better.   When i was looking at bigger houses, i was still in the ‘pack everything, sort it out later phase’   but Saco has the 1 bin per week thing: 1 trash, 1 recycling. Everything else you dump you pay for.  Hence all the dumpster love.

I’m a spoiled little white girl, i have had a dumpster at my beck and call for 40 years.  We started off with a monster i couldn’t reach the top of, but as the propery has gotten cleaner, its yardage has shrunk.  I hadn’t realized what a big part of my life that little blue sucker is.  Today  I treated myself to a new shower curtain and took down the old fabric onewith all the bleach stains….making a substantial amount of trash. I probably should cut it up for rags…at least that’s what my mother’s voice is telling me.  Lack of trash options and the smallishness of the house, has lead me to rethink a LOT about what i am taking with me and WHY.

2014-01-31 10.09.45

For the last couple of years i have been storing the KEEP pile of my CD collection…. it has been culled and culled and culled until it is painfully small consisting in large part of audiobooks on CD and warren zevon.  Yesterday I bit the bullet and started ripping what’s left to my External Harddrive, which in turn uploads to my Carbonite storage online so that i won’t just have that one digital copy.  And then sorting the physical media into SELL and keep piles, with the KEEP pile being extra small.  Right now just Warren Zevon, Bob Marley and Edith Piaf are in that pile.  I listed some of the CDs on Amazon, anything of significant value… which was about 5, the rest i am trading in at the music store for Dvds of course.

This process should eliminate a couple of large boxes that would have ended up stored under a bed or something.  Long gone is the ‘stereo’ for playing Cds, I’m not a big ipod person, if i listen to music i own, it is played by the computer while i am working, so the discs are just hard copy backups.

DVDs are the next biggest problem…I do have a plan to do something similar, i just haven’t ‘started’ it yet, i figure the cds are to just wet my feet.   I can use makemkv.com to rip a DVD down to a .mkv file that i can stream using a media playback program like VLC, and think i will be able to STREAM it to my next television (in the new house) which will have bluetooth.  I am not going to rip the entire collection, since it will diminish the image quality, but i own a shit load of movies where that wouldn’t even be noticable.  There is no reason i can’t reduce much of my old black and white movies to digital bits stored up on the cloud.  I don’t watch them that often, but the majority i still own aren’t commonly available,  That’s WHY I still own them.

1931082723I am not ready to give up my dvd collection. I love my old movies.  I am actually more ready to get rid of a book than a dvd at this point.   In fact I did that today….i listed the last volumes from the Library of America that i still own.  There was a time when i owned about two dozen..and they looked great on the shelf…where no one could see them.  But really why bother?  i can’t read the tiny print and if i need to reread the stories, i think i still have paperbacks around…and the Lovecrafts are on my Kindle anyway.  And the LOA volumes still have value, so it sold in about an hour.

I think I am loosening my grip on a lot of the books i have owned for no real good reason.  Actually i think i am finally losing my grip in a lot of ways.  I stole this really great quote from someone on Redddit.com  Moving is such a good opportunity to purge the meaningless items that clutter your life.  Aint’ that a really good concept? to not just remove things from your life because you want to get down to a minimalist lifestyle…but ONLY keep things that have MEANING.  So my paperback copy of Steal This Book that i stole from my shithead brother when i was 12, has meaning and value….whereas a lot of things i own don’t have as much.  in fact..i don’t think that book holds the same meaning for me that it has in the past.   I just keep reopening those poor boxes of books don’t i?

Meanwhile I pawned off some suitcases, dishes and flatware on some freecycle folks, and threw more than the normal amount of crap in the dumpster.  Mostly plastic, i am thinking of hunting down all the plastic things i don’t need and evicting them… i’m going to have a hard enough time recycling waste, when it comes to divesting myself of plastic dishpans and shoe racks, they would be problematic at best to shove into a bin that already has a weeks worth of trash.  Dumpster dearie, open wide.

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