dusty corners

Now, I spend a LOT of time, . . . no really a LOT, what would indeed be an embarrassing amount if I weren’t trying to eek a living out of it. I tend to sweep through dusty corners looking for stuff to amuse and exploit, and STILL I stumble on things that I can’t believe have escaped my notice.

As we can guess, like everything else fanzines are alive and well on the net, but many of them have devolved into blogs Today while following the long tail, I found eFanzines.com, where an incredible number of Fanzines can be found.

I started with an issue of –e*I*6– (Vol. 2 No. 1) January 2003, published by Earl Kemp, of Greenleaf Classics fame) which features a feature about the Man from C.A.M.P. and a Victor J. Banis Checklist. Which lead me back up the chain to dozens of readable issues of e*I*6. Which in turn sent me to the site index where there are pdf issues of at least 124 different Fanzines.

For those of us who remember and relish, the sheer goofiness of picking up an underground publication print on actual paper. Then reading it in a gulp like a naughty missive from folks you wish you could hang with, the eFanzine site is kinda heartwarming. Instead of stumbling on ezines slowly getting squeezed out by blogs, here’s a whole lotta lumps of entertaining material in one pocket of the internet . . . like I have enough time to read what i gotta read now. Well maybe i will just read a couple more. . . .

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