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I birthed another reprint…this one came out pretty nice. I have a couple more on target along with a couple of NEW editions..ones that aren’t actual photo reprints. Last week i dropped 100 dollars on buying copies of the 3 editions to have at hand. When i have all the paperwork put together I will have a talk with the local State Museum giftshop – and i am sure they will take a couple of copies….aside from that i will give some copies to the local librarians. I dont’ expect to ever make enough money off these to repay me for my time..but i DO like seeing them on the shelf, knowing i made that.

Yesterday I had a meeting with one of the local historians and we discussed two NEW books i want to complete by the end of the year. Methuen doesn’t have the typical history books that other towns have…one where all the old short papers and pamphlets have been reprinted in a contained volume – and a general overview of the history of the city. I think i should be able to do both. All that is needed are the skillset i already have…i type ridiculously fast, scanning and transcribing old documents and assembling into a publishable book. done.

Previously I kept avoiding the idea of actually WRITING a local history book but yesterday i found out that the guy who WRITES local history can’t write a word and has been using a ghost writer for years. So now i don’t feel that i won’t be stepping on anyone’s toes if I turn out something.

So more year end goals… finish reprinting the stuff in my inbox..i have 2 fundraising titles for the wildlife rescue group that i am working on…and actually publish 2 history books. yeah it’s gonna be a busy year.

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