dye redye & red eye

Today was a MUCH nicer day then yesterday, thanks for asking. Couldn’t find my litmus paper, which I had shoved in a film canister…not a good decision because my house has got those damn things in all the corners. it will show up sooner or later. So I bought some off ebay and then had a protracted argument with a Texas dealer about the legality of collecting sales tax from an out of state buyers. Just because ebay says it’s okay doesn’t make it right, kids. Unless this guy has a store in Massachusetts I don’t know about, he can go fish for his 15 cents. I ain’t contributing to Texas’s march back to the dark ages. So, read the fine print, some of these guys are playing fast and loose with your money.

I did some bench work, trying to clean off the backlog, including some work on a set of seriously faded books. The alkaloid dyes work rather well on the boards and spines, doing the turns is always a problem. If you are going to put in new endpapers you can just dye the turns as you go. Else you will have a small problem keeping the dye from getting sucked into the endpapers. Sometimes you just have to let these little things in life go. As far as the dye drying on top of the gilded lettering, I wait a few days then go over the letters with teeny bits of cotton on a toothpick soaked in alcohol. The dyes will dry the leather a bit, so they would need some leather dressing for protection afterwards.

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