easily corrupted

Parlor#14CI wish I could have bet money…i knew that the broker wouldn’t be able to get up here today to take her pictures…Himself and Mrs himself had delayed telling the tenants and handing over copies of keys…..being…well…me…., I was  up first thing, setting up the living room for my own photos regardless. After I shot these I blocked the fireplace back up and moved back in all the bookcases and empty boxes I had dragged into the bedroom. The last timeI had opened the fireplace was to free a trapped squirrel. When I moved in I actually had furniture and rugs and well…a life… I have kinda made a hash out of the place since then.

Supposedly they will be by Friday though to shoot the other apartments.  She was kind of aghast when i told here the was no key to my apartment. I just never had one; it’s one of those turn the knob and kick it in the right place sort of 100 year old doors. My truck can be started with a screwdriver, if you should need to borrow it.


That’s the kinda of universe i grew up in. That’s the kinda of universe I WANT to live in and I doubt I will ever again, unless I do find a very small trusting village, but that’s not what i am looking for this time. I’d have to go further afield into the boonies…even the wilds of the suburbs… twenty years ago that’s what i wanted… now i’m only planning a few years at a time… I don’t have the will or the energy to deal with living out in the boonies alone for long winters like this.  I’m eating and sleeping too much now and i’m easily corrupted.

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