easy is the new smart

I am trying to remember what I did on Friday. Yes, it was THAT long ago to me. I seem to remember slogging away on a complete new edition of my book repair book for many many hours, with naught to keep me company but a few a cats and some DVDS of BBC-TV. But now I know why Susan Orlean has settled on Google Docs to write her new book. It is very convenient, and quite idiot proof.

Whereas it doesn’t have the myriad of bells and whistles as MS WORD, but then again it doesn’t have the myriad of bells and whistles as MS WORD. It is like a WORD lite – tastes great, less filling. I have been using Google Docs quite a bit for my non-profit work, since it is so much easier to invite someone to view or edit the document, instead of attaching copies to various emails which may or may not be current. That feature alone has me sold.

Popping back and forth between computers is also a pain in the keister, and having the doc readily available from all computer terminals on the planet is quite sweet. I also like the revisions layers, so that if I fuck up what ever I am working on, I can roll it back to through the layers. Not that all these features aren’t somewhere inside MS WORD, but it doesn’t take 30 minutes of hunting and pecking to find the commands. I can distinctly remember times when a document in Word was unrecoverable, I can say that I have never lost a document to Google Docs, as a matter of fact…they don’t go away that easy. You can recover documents you deleted, when you finally remembered why you were saving it in the first place.

For documents that I need to make available at all times, I can embed it into a webpage or link it to a group, and it will auto update whenever I edit it. It doesn’t even have to be made ‘public’ I can just email all the co conspirators and give them a heads up. The rescue group uses the Spreadsheet function for logging rescue calls, which makes it available to everyone to see and edit. You can’t put a price on that.

Anyway, I just figured I’d share. Yesterday I discovered the wonders of an auto updated and embedded Table of Contents. Sweet.

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