eating the long tail

i have been very slack with the online publishing arm of my little empire..basically i wrote a little how to book 4 years ago and i have let it just sit there generating minute royalties every month. and once i learned how easy it was to publish something online i never revisited it again..which i am going to rectify this year. i was SUPPOSED to be editing a book today by a local writer and it is still on my agenda..but my brain wasn’t functional so all i did today was list books on amazon for resale…cutting my belongings in half also refers to my books, so i relisted all the books i deliberately bought to resell…actually i pulled them off and listed them on amazon, and then culled a few more and added them in. Good part of listing on amazon is that you can see what the going rate is and undercut everyone else if you want, and the bad part is that if you want it to sell quickly you NEED to list for the lowest price and the lowest price is pretty fucking low.

once upon a time when amazon reselling was profitable i had a going concern reselling books, but when the prices dropped i abandoned ship and ONLY would bother listing books online that were worth the bother. I have gone back to that rule, if it won’t earn me $5, i won’t list it online…not anywhere…and if i is a ‘nice piece’ i put it on ebay and start it at $5 – that’s how much i want for taking the trouble to enter the book. If i make more…or a LOT more which is the goal, that’s good too.

So right now i am going a shelf at a time through my backstock, and i have three postal bins..1 for listed items, 1 for books i decided to keep and 1 for books i need to make disappear. I found a new place to discard stuff, I bring it to the Rescue Clinic on my days and make a pile by the door, and so far anything i have put out has disappeared i am hoping books will go the same way. – doubtful but i will try it.

Anyway, I came up with an obvious trick which i probably should have figured out. I listed my OWN book which is already listed and sold through amazon…at full price, i listed it as an AS NEW copy at the lowest price… the person is paying the same amount to buy it from me if you include shipping, but i am getting the money directly to ship copies i already have in house. So i get the money if they buy the full price copy (a much smaller percentage as amazon keeps too much) but i get MORE if they buy the USED but New copy from me. and the world keeps on tripping …..

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