ebb and flow

I started working on my apartment by zone last night…i started with the easy parts, the bathroom which i had classified as three zones..and a couple of the zones in the kitchen including washing the floor yea i had a bunch of redbull yesterday. It was my reward for doing all this..i just got to drink it first.
anyway, this morning i worked on three sections along the bedroom wall..these bookcases and and the larger one below. After going through the bookcase and touching every book… i ended up pulling perhaps 10 off the shelf and tossing them into the get rid of box..but then i sat down at the computer and order two more ..(one is a copy Freedom for the Thought That We Hate a biography of the first amendment by Anthony Lewis that i have to return to the library…and the other is a gift copy of Confronting Suburban Decline for the Mayor’s office..it’s usually an expensive text so i have been keeping an eye out for cheap copy – cause i don’t want to give them mine.

Yeah I know buying more books seriously defeats the purpose and ONLY pulling about 10 books is not in the spirit of the whole fifty percent target. I still may make another pass and pull another 4 or 5. But for the most part, i’d rather get rid of clothing or canned goods than my books. But as long as I go through the shelves every year or so and pull those that i no longer have any affection for.

BTW don’t look for a theme on these shelves..there isn’t one …it start off as new acquisitions but ended up being books for which i don’t have another place to store them. Actually strike that..i figured it out…it is new acquisitions combined with books i could easily reread .. about half and half…so if i am looking for something to read it usually comes off this shelf..and if i buy anything else it goes on these shelves..somewhere.

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