i think i may have put this out as a twitter post… “it IS possible to want to kill a 32 ounce kitten or two BEFORE breakfast.” A monster migraine woke me up at 4:30 am and when padding through the kitchen i discovered that the kittens had discovered a box of packing material..so as i sat in my reading chair waiting for the generic version of Extra Strength Excedrin to do whatever it can..it doesn’t WORK like the Brand name but unlike the Brand name you can actually buy it….i actually contemplated just leaving the packing peanuts carpeting the place..until i got a look at what they did in the living room while i was fooling around with the wildlife people…

No i am not sharing the photograph with you..that’s for me, so i can remember what it looks like after i throw gas on everything and light it on fire. They knocked over the scratching posts, and basically redecorated the place. When i could get up, i rooted madly around the house looking for a hair elastic, grasping at the door knobs like an addict looking for a hype. Considering all the actual WORK i had waiting for me, i threw in the towel and chalked today up to a clean house day..

I rolled a trash can into the living room with a brand new bag and it is still waiting there empty for me to decide what i can actually THROW into it, in the midst of my get-rid-of-50%-of-what-i-own fest. The problem lies is that i have thrown everything throwable….what’s left is stuff that needs to be rehomed.

time for a new plan. yes the kittens survived..they are strewn over the desktop with their feet interfering with the mouse.

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