empty closet

so far so good. emptying this closet was on my list of five things all week. it wasn’t until today i got a handle on it. it wasn’t tightly packed but it took all day…if you check out the ‘what am i doing now’ tab you will see a few of the things i pulled out of it. there’s a number of things on the porch for freecyclers, one book for ebay, and a huge pile of things to give to friends of mine. I haven’t decided what to put back into it. It is tricky. i have a closet in the bedroom for clothes..and next to this one is a double sized cupboard i use for office supplies, books, and other dead storage. I think i will clean THAT cupboard before i decided what to use this one for.

i’d like to have a storage/pantry area to stow of a lot of things that are hanging around the house – batteries, liquor, tools, vacuum bags etc.. but i’d like to make sure i am not just recreating the archive storage that was already in this closet. So, i’m gonna leave it like this for a little while. cept i already know i am going to attach some pegboard to the sides..i have some small pieces leftover from putting pegboard sections on the back of the kitchen door.

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