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Just a thought….i seem to running an experiment in how many types of ham and cheese sandwiches one can make… ham and cheese, toasted bread with dijon mustard; ham, cheese, plain bread, mayo, lettuce optional depending on availability; ham, cheese, grilled with as schmear of butter; Monte Cristo (pictured) which is your fried ham and cheese sandwich dredged in an egg batter, (think french toast) … Croque Monsieur which i highly recommend..basically a ham and cheese (with dijon) covered with a Gruyere based béchamel sauce and shoved under a broiler; Croque Madame, the Croque Monsieur with a fried egg on top..I cheat and stick it inside, which makes it a grilled ham and cheese with egg..so what?

I haven’t run out yet as there are a lot more Croques to try
croque provençal (with tomato)
croque auvergnat (with bleu d’Auvergne cheese)
croque gagnet (with Gouda cheese and andouille sausage)
croque norvégien (with smoked salmon instead of ham)
croque tartiflette (with sliced potatoes and Reblochon cheese)
croque bolognese / croque Boum-Boum (with Bolognese sauce)
croque señor (with tomato salsa)
croque Hawaiian (with a slice of pineapple)

Other variations whether cold or hot I can slide in tomato (not my favorite), avocado, bacon, turkey, pickle ….by the way if you haven’t tried a CHEESE and PICKLE sandwich you haven’t lived.
MUST be cheddar cheese..and my trick is to put the Ploughman’s Pickle through a blender and knock out all the serious lumps..it will only end up falling out anyway.

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