DSCN1054My hot plate died, well I didn’t know it had died until I went to check on my pierogies and found them floating sadly in the pan like empty poached eggs.  Now, there IS a good reason I use the hot plate…..I simply loathe the gas company. I haven’t used my oven for over a decade, which anyone who has stuck it out with me the last 4 years will remember that I am a big proponent for small batch cooking and heating an entire oven for a lonely little casserole seems painfully expensive to me; just more pennies i’d rather keep to myself than give to those money grubbing  fuckwits.   So, when I swapped out the stove with one that wasn’t broken, I left the entire thing disconnected, apparently there is no way to run gas to the stovetop while NOT feeding the oven’s pilot light.   I can live with a hot plate along with my counter-top oven and fridge-top microwave (no there is no such a thing, that’s just where I keep mine) and the four of us have been going along swimmingly until the pierogi incident.  When I had gone out LOOKING for the damn hot plate, I ended up going to three big box stores and two of those department/pharmaceutical stores before I found the last one which just ended up betraying me unexpectedly. So, this time in a sense of greenness, economy and just plain laziness I ordered it from Amazon, where it, along with a new gasket for my pressure cooker came to $24.98,  two cents shy of the FREE shipping option, which if you look around at shipping charges is well worth the trouble.  This is where the envelopes come in . . . remember them?   The next time you find yourself just a few pennies shy of Free Shipping Option, I suggest you cruise over to OFFICE SUPPLIES and look at envelopes in reverse order of cost, there are quite a number for .98 cents, or 1.04, or some such nonsense amount where buying them for their own sake is suicidally stupid, as the shipping is like 700% the price of the envelope, but paying 1.09 for a few envelopes is a damn sight better than 7.95 for shipping. So there.


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