many of us spend a lot of time whining about how the internet has ruined bookselling (i should know, I have done quite a bit of it myself) and that there’s no way mere mortal bookselling can compete with the all knowing all powerful all reaching internet.  and meanwhile in some booksellers are quietly getting on with the business of selling books.

I have in hand Howard Prouty’s new catalog Skirts, in Jackets: a couple of hundred books BY – About – for and sometimes against Women.”  from ReadInk: which is heartbreaking, there isn’t one book in the catalog I wouldn’t be happy to have.

what more of my friends have been up to:

Chris Bunje Lowenstein’s of Book Hunter’s Holiday Catalogue #1: Dante Alighieri.

Joslin Hall Rare Books “Recent Aquisitions for Winter 2010” featuring 146 books and catalogs on all aspects of antiques and art, including furniture, folk art, silver, glass, ceramics, textiles, and Orientalia.

an article from the IOBA Bookseller : So You Want to Be a Bookseller? by Vic Zoschak Jr. from Tavistock Books

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