ephemera contest @ Ephemera blog

Marty Weil’s announced his Coolest Ephemera Contest

A contest to find the coolest piece of ephemera on the planet

To enter a piece of ephemera from your collection, send an email with an attached JPEG image of your item and a brief description of it–no later than July 13, 2007. The winner and feature the item in a future post on the Ephemera blog.

The winner will have the glory that comes from owning the coolest piece of ephemera on the planet (as judged by the Ephemera blog). The prize has no monetary value. The contest isn’t really a contest; it’s rather a subjective thing.

If an item doesn’t win the title of “coolest piece of ephemera,” but it is sort of cool anyway, he will try to feature it in some other post.

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