et tu ebook?

Today I pulled the trigger on MY first digital downloadable book. I am test driving smashwords with it, which should distribute it to a lot of venues…i am also going to reformat it for a print version and link it to the Kindle version.

I’ve been digging through my computer for more material I can publish digitally…the appeal is that i really only need a 5000 word minimum, which is ostensibly the least you should charge .99 for. Using Smashwords I tossed this out for FREE …at least until January..when i will change it to .99.  which will bring me a whopping .60 cents for every sale.

Download it for free here….not just the ebook verisons, but .pdf, rtf…and other PC reading versions.  It needs some good reviews in order to show up higher in the order when Browsing.



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