et tu tumblr?

i have a tumblr blog that i don’t understand…it’s a PAGE on the menu bar above but i keep changing the label since i don’t have a particular use for it.  I seem to be using it for photos i find interesting but not interesting enough to write about.   While pulling and dusting books today. i realize i need to cull again… mind you…i used to have about 5-6 times as many books i have now.  but i still buy more books…though not frequently about 3 or 4 a month…i try not to buy anything i don’t need to keep on hand.   but there are still books i don’t need..i want to keep with the 1 in 1 out.

What i am GOING to TRY..mind you try..i suck at doing things consistently..but even inconsistently ..i am going to try to justify each and every book one at at time.  which means, post the photo and say why i am keeping it or getting rid of it and i will tag them keep/cull etc..

Erasergirlbooks is a sub blog of tumblr blog..(did you know you can have more than one on your acct? yeah i didn’t know until recently either)…i wish i had a fascination with something that needed a microblog.


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