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Like a lot of people I have an evernote account…i will try anything for free …Dropbox, Flickr, Facebook etc… Evernote I dabbled with..but hadn’t found any serious use for it..mostly i just clipped things from the net and forgot about them. In my mind it was just a clipping tool, which i didn’t need all that often. Mind you i started this local history reprint crap by trolling the internet for records and texts but i was using my favorite LOCAL notetaking tool…azzcardfile…which isn’t free   but cheap, and i have used it everyday for years, so it’s well worth it. If i were only working in one location using one computer it would still be swell. But i’m using two computers and the iphone when i am out at libraries and its convenient to have the already collected data at hand. Not to mention the myriad of other tricks evernote can do now, that i didn’t know about..and  i am hoping to start dragging this laptop (or another one not repaired with duct tape ..to be bought at a later date) around to locations for sales and data collection.

This week , things I have discovered that it can do….I can drag and drop a pdf into a note and still page through it….you can set up tables inside notes, as well as paste in entire texts, images, and transcriptions…so now i am keeping the bibliographic data with the actual source material. I’m trying to go through all the stuff i have already collected to make sure it all gets stuffed into evernote and indexed and tagged.

You can upload 60 mbs a month for free..alas this morning was my first day this month and i already loaded 18% more..so i think it will be cost effective for me to pay the yearly 45 dollars unlimited access. My brain said don’t upgrade until you need to…the little voice says upgrade while you have the money, because you won’t be able to later…

Reputedly it can also index video and audio files..i haven’t found any use for that yet..but i’m working up to it.


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