ever wonder?

one potato •
they are choosing up sides in the UK over HMV’s acquistion of Ottakar’s, since they already have Waterstones, some people think it’s a little greedy.

essays • nice longfrom Ready Steady Book literary blog.

edit • ever wonder how all those books got in to project Gutenberg’s database? well you can volunteer to be a proofreader for digitized public domain works.

did you know there is a for plagarism automagically? just in case you were wondering: any phrases you find on the Bullpen that are not in quotes and attributed are guaranteed to be my own. I may lift an image here and there for illustrative purposes, but I try to skate the edges of ‘fair use’

blog note • Excellent blog devoted to Japanese fiction in translation, particularly mystery, sci fi and horror – from Rebekah Bartlett

bank toaster • don’t forget to sign up for Knopf’s April Poem A Day mailer.


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