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“. . .they are hoping for a headline, which of course means something disparaging, because nothing makes such good copy as a feud. “- Leslie Charteris

The Bullpen had its second best day ever, due in large part to a spit fight that yours truly was involved in…well..instigated actually… on a comment thread. Don’t look for it, it’s gone. It flamed along nicely until someone ratted it out to an dis-involved third party and I deleted the entire fiasco to appease him…apparently he didn’t want to be associated with the likes of us. C’est la vie. The original agitator tried to patronize me for being ignorant when in actuality I feign incompetence on many topics in order to provoke laughter, I am secretly a member of mensa’s gold circle with a t-shirt, a decoder ring and everything.

Why the hell he should give a damn what I think or write on a particular topic is beyond me. I’m a bookseller, I dwell in a trade which is founded and thrives by pure opinion. Aside from the books themselves, there are no actual facts, not like in baseball anyway. Sales, prices, values, auction records, sure they have occured, but are only someone’s opinion of the value of particular book on a particular day. The next day the book may have an entirely different value. We spend years accumulating other people’s opinions, and invent some of our own that we love to dust off and share. You see, like the rest of us I am used to shooting my mouth off, sometimes at my own foot, sometimes at someone else’s provocative posterior. Caveat lector. I mock therefore I am.

cover judging • the Robert Maguire cover art page has led Ira Joel and I off on an interesting tangent, we know there is at least two sites on the internet for every author in the world, but how many book cover artists are represented? Those of us who are fetishists about a book’s physicality not just it’s contents are particular suckers for sites like these. Here’s one for George Salter and one for Alvin Lustig.

and since we are in an artistic vein:

1000 words • Three law professors have collaborated on a comic book that explores the impacts of copyright on creativity, and examines both the benefits and costs of copyright in a digital age with Bound by Law? Tales from the Public Domain

1000 words² • After 7 years what started as a 22 page comic book inkling of the Book of Esther has turned in a graphic novel Megillat Esther by J T Waldman.

research search • Some WI HS student research from the 60s may prove the provenance of Hitler’s personal copy of His Kampf.

worth the read • From the Freezerbox blog comes a nifty piece on travel reading “the Worst Book Fair Ever” which i found very entertaining. I am insanely jealous, original yet bookish content is damn hard to come by. I would kill for more stuff like that for the bullpen, but alas begging and stealing haven’t worked, I will haev to try something more drastic.

all that glitters • the LA trash can Les Miserable signatures turned out to be merely wishful thinking.

in vino veritas • The NYT has a new blog about the pleasure of drinking wine, and beer and spirits by food critic Eric Asimov why didn’t I think of that!!

review • also from the NYT a profile of author James L. Swanson’s Lincolnian obsession.

cookie • US author Katherine Paterson was named winner of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

spawn • Rowling inspiree Canadian Matthew Skelto’s Endymion Spring, has sold for a tidy enough sum that would choke a horse or two or six.

pens envy • UK Six-year-old to become published author.

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