everybody's a critic

t&a • Apparently the French students are up on their history of protest and are taking it to their bosom.

essay • critic John Lahr muses about Clifford Odets centennial and a new production of Awake and Sing.

banktoaster • Librarian Trading Cards @ flickr

shopping • Etsy.com seems to be an oddly interesting place to find & market handmade items of all sorts and qualities, including blank books and bookmarks.

interesting divining Christian morality from theology
modern manliness and the men of the Titanic.
from the guardian, a profile on Eddie Linden founder of the literary magazine Aquarius.

small miracles • another piece on the US debut of Irene Nemirov’s Suite Francaise.

review • Catherine the Great: Love, Sex and Power by Virginia Rounding.

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