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eggs 001So you wanna hear about the egg-venture? well par for this course, anyway. I found 15 eggs in the fridge….I don’t know how Julia-fresh they were as I can’t remember when I bought them, nonetheless, they were what was being cooked. A three egg omelet seemed a safe choice, with perhaps a little something inside, I THINK i had some still good cheese, after you scrap the outsides most of them turn out to be just fine. And mocking me was a bunch of asparagus that had been had been sitting on the counter for at least 5 days.

I pulled the heavy duty cast aluminum Childian-omelet worthy pan from the back of cabinet, I had to get on my belly to find it and then give it a good washing, since my everyday pan is of the sensible non stick disposable variety. And that’s when i noticed that both sinks are filled with dirty water and had probably been that way since last night. [tick off ‘Buy Drano’]

I tossed the pan onto the hot plate and ignored it for a while, as it takes about 3 times longer to heat than it would on a gas burner. Did I mention I had the gas oven disconnected? Because i refuse to pay for a pilot light in an oven i don’t use. (the oven is WAY too big to cook for one person – using it would just be vanity…and more money)

While I was trying to find the round bottom bowl to beat the eggs, I threw in the knob of butter, this was a mistake, because before I could give the eggs the Julia-specific 40 whacks the butter blackened and I had to pour it into the sink water and start again. And I never did find that perfect round bottom egg beating bowl, which is somewhere in my two tiny cupboards.

This time I was ready as soon as the butter foam started to level off and it was the perfect temp, I chucked in the eggs and started to Jiffy pop the whole thing into a slippery goodness. (I told you i know HOW to cook, i didn’t say I was prepared to do it) While concentrating on this I had forgotten about the finely chopped asparagus steaming in the microwave…..it’s still there by the way.

eggs 003

I had also forgotten I wanted to pull out whatever is in the cheese drawer and shred it into usability, but that was when the door knocker went off and the animals all rose in the air at once; imagine a scene from Ma and Pa Kettle without the chickens. The friend who had rotated the small yapping dog back to me was bringing me a peace offering of cat furniture. I let her croon apologies to her/our dog while i concentrated on ‘my’ eggs. If I could JUST finish them without fucking up, my day would go much better.

They poofed up properly and were just the right amount of gooey when I flipped them….THAT was why i needed the flipping pan from the back of the cabinet. When one side met the other I immediately regretted it being completely empty. While my guest was still here, I plonked the plate down in front of the computer…where else? and watched it deflate and cool while she prattled on about how much they missed the little yappy dog. As soon I took my eyes off the prize to reopen the front door, the little yappy dog, who is no fool, helpfully taste tested the side of my Julia-Omelet for me and declared it yummy.

The rest of that side of the omelet went into the bin, and I got to eat about six or seven bites by myself, albeit standing up over the dirty frog pond in my sink. The result was almost as tasty as I remembered it should be. Though not yet having worked out the cooking on a hot plate thing, I rate the exterior too rubbery from too high a temp and hope I remember that next time I want to cook something simple like eggs.


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