everything is connected to everything else

Thanks for all the supportive emails, I really appreciate them. Some days I go all day without talking to someone who walks on two legs. and to those who ask, how can I sell books and stuff when I am doing all this blogging, this is what I do when I am sitting around waiting for someone to buy something. And I think you all can tell by by now – when I’m busy with actual work you guys get nuthin’.

You know how you start off looking for one thing on the net and the next thing you know you are looking at pages you wouldn’t have thought about looking for in the first place? Happens to me ALL the damn time.

I can’t remember what lead me there, but I ended up reading a lot of the posts on the Study Hack blog, and oddly some of the wonderful ideas there are applicable to other things besides college. Hell if they had had the internet when I was in college I’d still be there. This post from last year , can clearly be applied to anyone has to output a certain amount of material on a set schedule – such as dataentry, catalog production etc . . . Since I work so sporadically I am used to just plunging ahead until the job is finished, sometimes getting fed up with the entire process.

I am intrigued but this other “study hack” where they adapt Pulitzer Prize winner Taylor Branch’s method for creating a research database into an excel spreadsheet. Sure beats the crap out of the index card bulletin board method we had in the dark ages.

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