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This year I was a little worse than normal, I have gone down an anti-consumption rabbit hole with Foolishkitchen and an inquiry into why people buy NEW things when they are so many used items which still function perfectly well. I think it was just an excuse not to feel guilty about my trips to thrift shops. I don’t actually NEED to acquire things, unless I actually BREAK something. But I confess I LIKE IT…it’s my scratch tickets, it’s my jam, so fuck it.

used item: Eyeglasses $15.. i needed new frames and the local eyeglass shop advised me to buy replacements of MY exact frames on ebay and I did and they moved my lenses for nothing… that was probably the smartest thing I did all year.

used items: more bin pulls, all the knobs and drawer handles in my house have been replaced with bin pulls… my house is small, if I bump into these, they don’t leave a black and blue mark on me. If you aren’t in rush, you can usually find a bundle of 6 or 8 plain brass under $15 as most people don’t WANT them. I hit them with white rustoleum and bake them.

used item: The Pan Am Bag $14. Whenever I want to reinvent my life a but, I change my bag. I’ve been looking for the perfect bag all my life. I kept poking around ebay for a shoulder bag that made me happy. I hadn’t found a new one that fits what I need to carry. Searching for vintage canvas shoulder bag turned up vintage airline carryons, and a lot of them are under $20. the biege is going to be bitch to clean, but it makes me happy when I see it.

used item: 1964 Singer Sewing Machine $75. I had 20 year old Brother machine that needed repair and the sewing machine shop offered to sell me this one for about the same price as repairing the plastic one. so my choice was pretty clear. It took about 3 weeks to pinch the money from myself after I talked myself into the expense. I’m very glad I did, she’s gorgeous. They also tossed in a box of attachments for free. I think they were using me to clean out the shop.

used items: Scissors. Once I started cutting fabric again I brought all my scissors to the local guy and asked him to sharpen a dedicated pair for fabric. He gushed over the Mundial shears I had bought in 1976, so I went down that ebay rabbit hole and developed a scissor fetish. I have since put my hand on vintage Mundial pinking shears, thread cutter and needlework scissors, all from when they were still made in Brazil. None of them costing more than $9, but well worth the investment. Vintage scissors also catch my eye these days… I aso bought a couple of $2 pairs which are both over 60 years old and are still quite sharp.

used item: I have a tea pot fetish, I find them hard to resist. This year I got a couple of tea kettles I didn’t need. The Gorham silverplate just looks soo snazzy and cost about $6 at Goodwill, and is nowstored in my power outage box. The 1924 LF&C electric kettle was significantly more money about, $35 with shipping from Canada…but it’s nearly 100 years old and works perfectly, and makes me happy to have it.

used items: vintage mixing bowls… I physically can’t walk by something 100 years old in a shop that has a price tag under $10..I just can’t. I ended up replacing my pyrex mixing bowls with about twice as many as I actually need, none of which cost more than $10-12 dollars.. they make me happy.

used items: I usually don’t buy tableware. But this year I added a few pieces of Meakin iron stone from the 19th century that I found at thrift stores and even a couple of pieces of 120 year old blue flow $2 each that I admit make me nervous to eat from. I had made rules about owning things that would make me cry if I broke them. These blue flow are like that, so I save them for food photos.

used item: Gloucester teacup.  It is so easy to reward myself for no reason, so I TRY NOT TO LOOK for things randomly. I stumbled over this Staffordshire transferware tea cup while looking for something else, which was made for a store in Gloucester Mass to sell as a tourist item. You see lots of collectors plates, but I NEVER SEE holloware, I think it’s just too fragile to survive. with shipping is was less than $10. It may be unnecessary but it also makes me smile.

Okay so I bought a LOT more than that, you can be sure I can find SOMETHING in a thrift store and I usually visit one a week. I also brought home a lot of fabric and yarn, kitchen utensils and devices for the foolishkitchen project. But I have a lot of rules, I brought home a $3 camera bag the other day, which is larger than the one I have…so the one I have goes back to the thriftstore from whence it came. That’s kinda how I roll with that stuff. I upgrade when the opportunity presents itself. I am already writting more rules for 2019 but I am sure I will be finding something else that needs to come home with me.

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