expansion project

remember my little cooler problem…well my OCD kicked in and i HAD to fix it NOW.

i would have left it for now..but the damn thing kept LEAKING rust granules everytime i moved it..and that would be terribly inconvenient in someone elses car. The first crack i filled with some heavy duty adhesive of a SNOT consistency..and the REALLY large crack i filled with some of that expandable FOAM insulation…i was very careful not to let it go beyond the crack. This stuff called GREAT STUFF is one of those things i despise..not because it doesn’t do its job, but it’s one of those products i see dangling off the side of a house like icicles. if you SEE it, it means the landlord just didn’t give a shit anymore. that’s just my opinion.
So here i am with the urethane foam canister..$6.45…. and i used about .75 worth on this cooler…mind you i could BUY another cooler for about $10. It won’t be OLD FAITHFUL from 1984 with all the decals and the rust but you get the picture.

Tomorrow i will smear white silicon into what’s left of the cracks. All this fuss for something i use ONCE a year and don’t even need to use because everyone has one. I’m such an idjit.


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