expecting expectations

(i was a little premature with my last post, this is a replacement)

okay so in my last email i set myself up with a task, read more Dickens…like eat more beets or ride more bike…..but knowing myself as i do…trust me it’s all i can do to be in the same room with me….i needed a little help.

I did check out dailyLit again (they have Great Expectations in 229 installments) but my objective is really to figure out the methodology i can adapt for other THINGS in my life..not just read books by email. I tried a couple of the PAID apps and plugins out there that will allow you to schedule mail in the future. And really this isn’t that important i need to pay for it. I settled on trying to make Google Calendar do it for me.

First I visited Project Gutenberg and downloaded a TEXT version of Great Expectations…(i only picked it because when they polled the British People, they said it sucked the least) and am now in the process of cutting it up and setting up 59 separate emails to be sent on 59 consecutive days…i was going to skip a day in between, but i’d rather be done with it in 60 days than twice that long.

Then I had to break it into files by chapters..yeah it’s a pain..but you only have to do it once for one book at time. Then I set up a Google Calendar called Book Club, and each chapter will occur as an event and GCalendar will send me an automatic email, I chose 1 minute before midnight. Note: I did have to invite myself since i wanted it sent to my other email address..if you add persons to this function, don’t send an invitation..because the invitation will contain the whole damn chapter and that again defeats the process.

I had a choice of inserting the Chapter text into the event description which will show up in my inbox as is, or using a new Google Calendar feature attaching a Google Document to the event which opens a Google Document containing that one chapter, which kinda sort of defeats the INBOX angle. The other drawback is that since i am using the Gutenberg Edition as it is, the formatting is a little wonky. Which is much less noticeable as part of an email than it is as a document. Since the chapters are short I am going with the embedding as description for now.

Come to think of it, if i had an entire book group set up on Google Groups, we could have this system automatically send a post to the entire group everyday so that folks would all be on the same page so to speak.  damn i love technology.


As a matter of fact I am going to use the Event Notification tool right now to sent up a year of notices to the Rail Trail Group about meetings. I don’t know why it never occurred to me that i could use it to send an email to the distributed email list. i guess i am just slow.

Ed – Well THAT didn’t work out as planned. damn google calendar notifications has a character limit. not as short as twitter but deceiving as the editing box is twice the size of what it retains. damn. Still trolling for a solution to my scheduling emails for the future problem.

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