fabrique des etats unis

winter’s coming to slap us in the face and remind us to show her all due respect. my reaction is to run to walmart and upgrade my crockpot from 1.5 qrts to 4. you want some entertainment you want to be in a walmart the day before a winter storm – or an autumnal storm. it’s like back to school and a carnival ride.

It’s always a chore to find the least offensive thing that satisfies your needs at walmart. i passed on the made-in-India-cheap-as-dirt-sure-to-need-replacing-in-a-few-months steel stockpot in favor of the-much-better-made-should-last-a-couple-of-years-but-made-in-the-USA stockpot. Gone are the days when you just looked at the features of an item, you have to think about the guy who made it, whether he economically oppressed and if your purchase is going to interfere with his kids getting a hot meal. i just needed a POT fercrissakes not a social studies treatise… I also replaced my recently broken anchor hocking measuring cup made in the US….alas none of the slow cookers i could easily find were made in the US, so i had to settle for the 4 qrt Crock Pot which according the box, was made in china hopefully by moderately paid happy little workers who don’t have to sell their youngest daughter into slavery to buy food for their one male child all so i could cook up a vat of bean soup to ward off the winter warlock.

(Richard Gehman’s Bean Soup Recipe from the Haphazard Gourmet 1966)

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