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I have ALMOST stopped buying myself my birthday christmas presents. Almost…I still have a few things on my ebay watch list. I hemmed and hawed about this pin for a week. It hasn’t arrived yet but it’s supposed to be 6 inches which is quite substantial, i doubt i will ever have a cause to wear it but i just thought it was attractive..i just like looking at the picture. Maybe i just should have kept the picture. But i have an idea of framing it with a background of velvet..and maybe one of those deep crafting frames i can sneak a light into the back. Another project I don’t really need, but i have it in my head and can’t get the image out until I do something about it.

Somewhere in the last few weeks i started tithing to a non profit, everytime I buy myself a little something I don’t need, I send some money to someone who does need it. When the holiday is gone and i stop buying myself toys, i will switch to tithing everytime i feel the urge to buy something naughty. My eye is usually caught by awful news about the abuse of women in the world and as can be expect the US media does fuck all to cover it. The Guardian does a much better job of covering this type of crime : Afghanistan worst place in the world for women. Survey shows Congo, Pakistan and Somalia also fail females, with rape, poverty and infanticide rife. , Acid attack survivors network in Bangladesh – in pictures, Pakistani sisters sprayed with acid Men on – motorbikes attack three girls aged 14-20 in Kalat, New laws protect women from abuse in Pakistan. It’s articles like that which make me sick of my fellow men and women and western society especially. There’s not a lot I can do sitting in my cozy reading chair surrounded by technology and comfort. It would probably make more difference to donate directly to the boots on the ground in each country…but it’s difficult. It’s much easier to click through a few webpages and send it via paypal. Yeah paypal takes a cut, and any management organization will take a cut but eventually those women who need reconstructive surgery and protection, will get a portion of what i send. If my few bucks makes a little difference, i can’t sleep easier, but i can buy my bling with a little less guilt.

Acid Survivors Trust International

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