facist creeps disbanded

Well that little stunt backfired didn’t it?

SFWA ePiracy Committee Activities Suspended
The SFWA Board has just passed the following motion:

Motion: That, effective immediately, all of the activities of the
current ePiracy Committee be suspended and the Committee itself be disbanded
until such time as the Board has had the opportunity to review the legal
ramifications of sending out any additional DMCA notices, as well as to explore
other methods by which SFWA may be able to assist authors in defending their
individual rights, while ensuring that any such activity will not unduly expose SFWA to negative legal ramifications.

Further, that the Board shall issue a call for a temporary, exploratory committee
of between five and nine individuals to investigate the views of the membership
on issues of copyright, authors rights, what role the membership would like
to see SFWA take on these matters and what level is risk (legal, public relations
or otherwise) is acceptable to the membership in regards to that role, and
what – if any – public policy statement SFWA might issue on these subjects on
behalf of its membership.

Finally, that the Board, in conjunction with the findings of the above
committee and its own deliberations, will work to develop a new, permanent
committee with a clear matrix of operations and goals, whose purposes shall include, but not necessarily be limited to protecting the copyrights of our member
authors who desire such protection in a way that complies with the applicable
laws, and to help educate both our membership and the public at large in regards
to copyright law.

Translation: oops, we did a bad bad thing . . . but we are coming back soon with an even bigger stick.

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