fair day at the fair

Well my trip to the Vermont Book Fair didn’t go as planned…serves me right, “we make plans and god laughs.

1:20am post a small sunday blog to tide the troops over, ambitiously set clock for 5:45am
5:09am let loud red obnoxious cat out
5:45am turn off alarm roll over
6:45am get up in a panic, feed cats, let dog out, clean litter box, wash dishes, take out trash, pack bag
7:15am visit atm machine, get gas
7:45am make mental list of all the items left behind and decide if any of them are important to go back for.
8:00pm futiley spin dial for 2 hours try to find steadly NPR signal; watch increasingly boring and innoucous landscape go by, varying shades of brown dotted with mixed herds of cows and satellite dishes.
10:30am arrive at Vermont Book Show and realize free pass is pinned to wall over desk,
10:40am make the first pass of the bookstalls, greet the few people at the show I know, Eloquent Page, Cheryl Needle, Peter Stern, try to make a few new friends.
10:45am keep changing eye glasses, the light is too dim in the hall and I have either drunk too much Red Bull or not enough, super migraine takes up residence right behind my eyes.
11:00am make another pass looking at books I either used to own or can no longer afford.
11:30am meet up with Michael Ross who is in from the west coast trying to work out the kinks of his bi-coastal relocation
12:00pm take off to visit Monroe Street Books in Middlebury
12:30pm have been heading in the wrong direction for a half an hour; realize the Mapquest directions suck; reverse direction before I hit Canadian air space
12:40pm migraine is NOT going away; chug large MacDonalds Chocolate Shake hoping that resultant brain freeze will attack migraine from the inside
2:30pm arrive at Monroe Street Books, which is no longer located on a street named Monroe. go figure; Swallow asprin, doesn’t really help. Otherwise, spend a pleasant after noon shooting the shit with Flanzy and Dick, in their Aladdin’s cave treasure trove style bookshoppe. Limit myself to all the books I can afford. Plan to come back when scenery and wallet are both greener.
7:00pm start back for Methuen a hour away from a decent interstate, use unfamiliar routes
9:00pm miss exit for route 9, take long way around, end up in Western Mass, realize I have maps for ME, NH, VT, NY and Eastern Mass, but none for Western MA. On the bright side, I finally get a good NPR Signal, and listen to repeat of last week’s This American Life.
11:00pm feed cats, walk dog, clean up all the little landmines, can’t be bothered blogging, pass out.

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