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True Crime
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from flickr “the True Crime section in the Niantic Book Barn in CT” True Crime Originally uploaded by lightweaver.

I used to hang out at Broadway Books in Derry and distract the late and much missed Laurie Saxon-Petch from her cataloging. I secretly envied her sitting there diligently entering books whenever there wasn’t a genuine customer, a lost tourist or indeed a bored bookseller in her shop. She had much more endurance than I do, at the least a much better work ethic. My work ethic consists of sitting and typing until some part of my body falls asleep or develops a cramp, or until I get bored or need a sandwich, or a cup of tea or a cookie. Then of course I stop at regular intervals to celebrate brekkie, elevenses, luncheon, tea, dinner, supper. Sooner or later I look up and see that the sun has stopped waiting around and gone to China. Then I realize how little I have accomplished all day. I vow to do better the next day but sometimes the next day gets eaten up by events out of my control, and it becomes easier to blame karma for my inadequacies. Unfortunately I can’t sit around and eat Laurie’s biscuits while I do.

blog of note • booklust has a warm and toasty little post about “The Electrifying Power of the Short Story”. I wish i wrote it.

blog of note • bookride has a readable post about “Yet more Bastards with Bookshops

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