family circus

Thanks to the contest entrants so far, I haven’t had to worry so much about ‘blogging’ daily – not that I have ever worried about that before.

Lately I have had family members dropping like flies. I lost one uncle a few months ago, another one last month, and a third one is on death’s door as we speak. They were all in their late 80’s so it is not unexpected and I haven’t been close with any of these old men for many decades, but they are leaving a string of elderly aunts in their wake.

Herself on the other hand is growing more and more delusional and helpless, and my family is finding her more and more an inconvenient woman. On Friday I got a midnight call from the rehab (which is slowly turning into something more permanent) that she had been admitted with stomach camps and bleeding. This time I brought a book, the ER folks probably thought I was exceedingly callous – but you get bored reading the labels on the boxes in the exam room. The phone call was a total surprised as I have been labeled persona non grata as far as the caretakers are concerned. In one of my mother’s less paranoid states she signed my brother as her proxy. And since then I have been treated as the washer woman by anyone with actual information about my mother’s condition.

As for the phone call, it turns out he just didn’t feel like getting out of bed for four or five hours of hand holding, while folks poke and prodded my mother in embarrassing and painful ways. Or course they won’t find anything they never do and they will stick her back in her half room with promises of release. She calls me two or three times a day asking me when she can home – and all I get to do is lie to her. I tried to have a conversation with himself about my her future yesterday and literally had a door slammed in my face.

So, my life kinda sucketh right now and any chance to post someone else’s words other than mine is welcome. Keep those cards and letters coming.

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