feeling boxed in

boxed in
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How did you spend YOUR holiday? I had to be reminded there WAS a holiday, I spent it packing small boxes into larger boxes. And today I found a lot MORE boxes on the porch. Including the very large box or boxes that has to be opened in situ since I couldn’t actually lift it. As you can see, my porch is a sea of boxes, well a sea floor, with boxes coming and going.

I recently FIRED my box guy. I had kept up an account with a Boston box company for the few times a year I restock new boxes. But they had grown large enough to consider me a nuisance account. It would take the better part of a week to find out if they had a size I wanted and to place the order with the actual account rep. . I never could take a hint., I finally gave up . It took me all of 3 minutes to buy exactly what I needed from Uline and it arrived in the same time it would have taken the Box company to call me back.

So much for supporting local firms. Sometimes it’s beneficial sometimes it’s just not worth the effort.

for those who are wondering: my mother is back at the nursing home from the hospital. But that’s about all i know. today i hired a lawyer to call them and ask them why they are being morons. they haven’t got back to him yet with an answer.

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