feeling low down

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Sometimes I feel just like this building. I am doing nothing these days but picking fights with people and pissing folks off. Michelle at Bookmaven has stopped speaking to me because I didn’t like an idea she had to expand my Sicpress.com website. Apparently I can’t even say “no thank you” correctly.

Yesterday, the folks from Coelacanth Books dragged me off my ever enlarging backside to go book shopping. Despite the vertical slush masquerading as rain we spent a lovely afternoon out at Bob Willig’s Troubadour Books in North Hatfield. And with my impeccable timing we arrived a week BEFORE his annal sale – but Bob made us to home nonetheless. Hint, giving book dealers discounts just makes them buy more books, it’s a vicious circle. I walked out with a substantial number and a hole in me pocket. Hopefully I can flip them and refill that void.

I did buy a few just to shoot images of, perhaps I will get around to it tonight when I would otherwise be sleeping.

BTW Coelacanth gave me the heads up on this very very funny must read online short short story. WikiHistory – Check it out for todays giggle.

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