feeling shellfish

MWB-10QT-CLAM 12 inches of snow coming…well to be fair i think we have half that now…. Instead of actually accomplishing anything today, i puttered….i made some bread and put up a few more bottles of ginger beer…kept the juncoes on the granite steps fed with chicken feed from the cat litter bucket…. and so forth… In between that I puttered on the internet, what the hell, i had to keep checking facebook and the weather report just in case they were going to change it to 14″ or 10″ – when you don’t have anything else going that…still means nothing…..

I started browsing CSA Community Supported Agriculture up in the Biddeford/Saco area…and there’s not only quite a bit of it – ferinstance Midnight Meadow Farm in Biddeford, but they also have CSF, community supported fishers, and lobstermen…i even found one place that has both vegetables and seafood..ALewives Brook Farm – I need to force myself to increase the amount of vegetables in my diet, i do think having a stove and a kitchen larger than a portajohn will make it easier… But i don’t have to force myself to eat more seafood..there’s hardly anything that comes from the sea i won’t eat.. It’s definitely out of my budget range as it stands..but bring me closer to it and i This is definitely something i could get i the habit of, especially since it will be saving money. The limit for 1 person is 1 peck a day…and that’s a lot more than i would ever eat.

Lobster is still the same price as here…and perhaps more, if you consider the supermarkets tend to overbuy in summer so they can sell them as loss leaders..but then again if i really want something i can cut back on something else…especially if i punish myself, but biking out to the beach and back again….

Yes I do realize i am painting a picture of an idealized life i may never lead…..”if you like biking so much, why don’t you do more of it where you are?” Same reason I don’t garden here and do a half million other things… every time i start doing something i like i feel guilty… like i should be doing something that makes money, i should be sitting at my desk… and then i force myself to sit at the desk, then i find a reason to feel bad about that activity…then i get up and putter, then i sit down again, then i go putter some more..then i clean something, then i sit down again…eventually by the end of the day, it tends to even out. I get a book moved from rough cut to edited…and i get the cat litter boxes cleaned, and the kitchen floor washed, and so forth and so on. Everything gets completed to an acceptable degree for me.

I like the beach in winter…..i like it fine when no one else is around…i particularly like rocky beachy Maine coast with puddles and barnacles and seaweed…i can’t think of anything more tedious and disgusting as a long strip of sandy beach littered with oily humans. But show me loud and stormy beach that will freeze your knickers off and i’m a happy girl. Free clams will be nice too, just gotta make sure i eat 30 bucks with every season.

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