Felt Hat Day

another post where i started 3 times and Blogger kept eating it – but then i was doing it at 3 in the morning, fortified by regular pepsi and chocolate cake frosting out of the container, so it may well have been operator error.

1955 – Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita is published in Paris by Olympia Press. Cornell celebrates the 50th anniversary.

birthdays –

1789 – James Fenimore Cooper, American novelist (d. 1851)
1889 –
Robert Benchley, American author (d. 1945)
1890 –
Agatha Christie, English writer (d. 1976)
1914 –
Adolfo Bioy Casares, Argentine writer (d. 1999)

ready made suits • A batch of purported business correspondence belonging to Margaret Mitchell is now the prize in a legal battle between the estate holders and a rare bookseller.

banktoaster •
I was hoping someone would invent this!!! Dailylit, breaks public domain classics into sections and then emails them to you on a regular basis. Looks like I will finally get through War and Peace in675 days!

event • The First International Russian Book Festival at Baku Sports Palace in Azerbaijan opens today, bringing together representatives of the creative organizations from 14 countries and 110 publishing houses.

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