3075799652_f6748e925e_b Methuen Riverwalk Christmas at night Canon AE-1P Kodak 400 at 2 mins 50mm lens 10°F at 11:30pm December 1 2008 © J Godsey

So far the city hasn’t offered any apologies for stealing my work, apparently just removing the image is considered a do-over.   Oh joy now I have to actually DO something about it, damn it.  Not being the most politic of persons I have to find a medium between defending my honor and offending a bunch of prickly pols.

I do like holidays, the phone doesn’t ring and the buses aren’t running (figuratively) so one can tackle projects reserved for ‘when you have time for it.’  But  I have been playing my one birthday present practically nonstop for a week…a ROKU unit, which allows your tv to pick up Netflix from your router. Absolutely brilliant idea.  Presently  in the middle of a Mythbusters marathon…explosions and gratuitous destruction for the holiday.

I have another non-profit  website to rebuild today, and a nice minestrone in the pot to keep me warm.  Have nice day off.

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