Fête du Canada

1858 – The joint reading of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace’s papers on evolution to the Linnean Society.

birthday boy
• 1869 –
William Strunk Jr., American grammarian (d. 1946)
• 1899 – Indiana Jones’s birthday.

birthday gal • 1804 – George Sand, French writer (d. 1876)

helpful hint • When you don’t have a bonefolder at hand and are creasing what seems like an endless number of dust jacket covers, a small nylon kitchen pot scraper can be very helpful for getting a sharp crease.

worth reading • from the Concord NH Monitor we have a feature declaring
” It’s increasingly difficult to profit on used books.” well duh!

cool tool • For those of you who wonder how anyone on the net has time to read blogs and websites – a lot of us use feader readers or news aggregators to collect it all and serve it up in edible portions. If you noticed that little box on the sidebar marked FeedBlitz. I use that to give me one email every day with all the site updates from the day before. Most blogs and sites have a feed url, usually the site’s name with ‘\feed’ or ‘atom.xml’ as an extension. I plug that into my Feedblitz page and whenever Forrest writes a new ‘State of Denial’ post, I get it in the mail along with all my spams and spoofs.

blog note • Fine Books and Collections blog has a post about the passing of Collector Frank Streeter

banktoaster • Mediachance has a great collection of free photo & digital camera software that handles a variety of tasks, from making “thumbs” to quick and really excellent digital image enhancement. Photo tools (including thumb-maker) and digital camera tools.


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