fetish bags

Ask my friends, I have a bag fetish. First thing I do when I start a new project is to acquire the proper ‘bag’ to go with it. I have satchels, and briefcases, knapsacks and luggage galore. Hey, Lucy had hats, Imelda had her shoes, I have my bags – and knowing I have the proper safe storage container for my toys brings me great comfort. I may not use my 1959 baby Rollieflex camera but you can be certain that it is completely safe hanging on a hook in its camera bag – next to 3 other cameras in their bags. [my name is joyce and I am an addict, so what?]

Among my new year’s resolutions right after eat more beets and stop wasting paper, is a note to self to remember to bring the reusable grocery bags to the grocery store. I may possibly perhaps found a clue. I despise the plastic t-shirt bags, basically on general principles and not just because people pack books in them. Like everyone I have bought those eco-green grocery bags that hang on the rack by the checkout counter, and like everyone they are safely stored somewhere I can never remember. But I refused to buy a new one every time I go, just because I am stupid. The other day I clicked through to reusablebags.com and was nearly seduced by every conceivable type of non-disposable bags, it took great restraint NOT to buy more than I did.

These came in the mail today, 4 little packages of rip-stop nylon sewn into a shape nearly identical to those horrid little bags that end up in trees. The Workhorse style bag, is rated for 25lbs and supposedly fits over the frame at the end of the checkout counter. They come in several colors and you wanna know the best part? When not in use they roll up into their own pocket. So they can rattle around in the bottom of my messenger bag like a few pairs of spare socks. I can’t wait until someone buys something from me, so i can have money to go food shopping.

No, they aren’t really book selling related, though if you used them for book BUYING you could keep from bringing home more of those freaking little goddamn treebags.

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