filling voids

2014-08-15 11.29.11My new hovel in all its glory. it was just easier to pay the guys who removed the rugs to keep on going…paneling, fiberboard and so forth…there are some old cardboard BALL Jar boxes still left behind the walls up there..also a shit ton of nails and tacks lurking for the unsuspected. I can actually say I have bled for this place already, must remember to wear boots up there. I’m actually less stressed out about the way it looks now than you would expect. i know given enough time and sugar, i can pick out all the debris and fill up the voids with insulation. THAT’s when i have to call in someone with better power tools to install some beadboard everywhere. Good thing I don’t actually HAVE any furniture for those rooms. Until then I will be sleeping on the flood someplace downstairs. I have a borrowed air mattress coming. i DO have my nice ikea platform bed but it’s in a box leaning up in a corner.
2014-08-15 11.35.13 Under the carpet of the living room was old linoleum..which also doesn’t bother me…one day i will get bored and scrub it within an inch of its life, but for now I can ignore it completely. I go around barefoot 90% of the time, it will be nice to have a floor i don’t have to worry about. Behind the melon paint, is some sort of paneling and behind that is well….the same sort of nothing we found upstairs…i suspect I will be buying spray foam insulation by the case load for this place. Though I haven’t ruled out skinning it like the second floor..just not today. Another room I don’t have MUCH furniture for…the Ikea Billy Bookcases I purchased are standing up in a corner. I am just happy they are there when the time comes to assemble them and unpack my books…. which will probably be months from now late at  night with a pitcher of daiquris in hand. I can pretend I will replace them with something more traditional booksellery barrister cases..but i know i won’t..these will fit in the room nearly to the ceiling, wasting very little space.

2014-08-15 11.34.42And that’s what it is all about in this So far I have found a couple of walled up hidey holes, one under the stairs which will fit my box fans and space heaters nicely…and one corner upstairs behind the chimney where a knee wall drawer unit should fit..a little pricey but real estate can’t be wasted. in fact i need to call the chimney folks about removing it entirely. I wonder how much money i have left? i haven’t looked at the bank account in a week…i’m afraid to, there’s very little money is coming in and if i know exactly what’s there, i will be afraid to spend what i MUST spend,’s not like i am wasting much…the most frivolous thing i have bought is take out pizza.  i can’t bear to cook in what’s left of my’s not the cooking, it’s the idea of cleaning anything…it’s such a wreck, once everything is GONE i will clean it as well as i can.

Not counting the DVDs, a lot of the crap in boxes is what’s left of my ‘workshop’ a lot of book repair materials, tools, general fix it, sewing, furniture repair, electronics, you name it..if it was a thing used to fix other things, it is in one of the boxes…none of which i can bear to open until the basement is suitable for occupancy. I parked a two hundred and sixty dollar dehumifier down there yesterday…i have never been down there when it WASN’T wet..note to self, look into mushroom culture…As much as I have been banging on for owning way too much crap…it doesn’t look like all that much when spread out amongst the rooms and will look even less cluttered with the attic and the basement come online.

2014-08-15 09.49.19I am renting a smaller truck for Wednesday, to drag the last of the bulk items up north… i need to break down all the bookcases…that wood will end up as shelving in the basement…I will also have a few things that are in reserve for the not yet existent porch…the table in the living room, the cedar chest in the office, a coffee table etc… but right now I am playing a game of 3D the max amount of objects into the smallest amount of space. The only room that’s looking more like the final result is the kitchen and that’s only cause i had the stove removed, and on the 3rd the new fridge will arrive. The table seems a little big for the space, but I will use it more than the kitchen counter…note to self, measure the kitchen counter for a second hand replacement.

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