Film ain’t dead, Jim

…it’s just in the hands of people who know what to do with it. In April I will be doing a hanging of my photos locally..more specifically my local photos. Most of my bestest items were taken with film on vintage cameras, this is not a coincidence…i prefer film..leaving aside the fact that i never could afford a Digital SLR camera, I think digital makes one lazy. When I click the shutter on a 30 year old camera, i have already seen the image in my head, I feel good about it. I develop the negatives, I scan them in, voila the best of both technologies.

This year’s resolution (I can only afford one at a time) is to merchandise the backlog of photos I have taken over the last 40plus years. I also have an arrangement to do a book of local THEN AND NOW photos when the snow finally melts. So, I dusted off all my cameras and am in the process of running test rolls through them to see who wants to come out and play. The NOW photos I will be doing digitally, but i have every intention of shooting additional images that I can market as post cards and prints and such – which for me means film. I know you can do all kinds of wondrous things to an image in Photoshop and make it LOOK like it was made with film..but that’s outside of my wheelhouse.

Recently I stumbled on some guys doing a podcast on FILM photography, contrarily called the Film Photography Podcast…granted it’s like most geek-centered podcasts, a few guys just shooting the shit for an hour or two….but it is so very very nice to hear people talk about shooting film without that overwhelming disdain that digital people exude. It is definitely the highlight of my week when a new episode is posted.
I have managed to sell a few images now and then, several microstockers and other images buyers troll Flickr, and i have had 3 or 4 get picked up, though only a couple were profit making the others were to non-profit orgs..story of my life. This one went to a Maine Tourism Website and another is in a textbook in another country.  My goals for this year will be a small book of my local photos as well as the NOW photos for the historical book and maybe if i am lucky a few prints and postcards. It’s good to have goals..even better to have film.

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