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I had no business buying more crap, certainly not more crap for my iphone..but i got fed up with trying to shoot pictures, video or audio by propping the damn thing against something else. after examining all the options, i went with this one..IStabilizer – there are a couple extremely similar items on Amazon…between $8 to $16, well worth it. but unlike my Gorillapod,it will probably have to be replaced eventually. The thing works with a spring..but the control tab on the top is rubber…so you have to pull it to open a VERY tight spring? i’d say that’s going to last about 50 times then snap off. But it works. This is a picture from Amazon…my phone still wears its Otterbox case which increases its width on all sides, making it a tight fit, but that’s what we are going for here.
It should make shooting video a little easier..i have decided i am not fond of the photographs coming out of the phone AS ART…basically they are good for reference, but if i want a camera, i am reaching for a camera. Instagram be damned – that fucking thing is designed to make us satisfied with such shitty images.

But the video isn’t half bad – as long as you are only uploading it to the internet. if you hold the phone comfortably for end up with tall skinny instead of normal width video. this little tripod mount holds the phone sideways..which is an improvement.

Now i need a freaking valise for all the dohickeys i carry for my phone.



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