finding your shady spot

shadeycatI haven’t spent as much time ‘writing’ my new book, just scribbling notes and collect more research material.  The book keeps changing shape, it’s final shape is hard to project, it’s like nailing jelly to a tree.  Some days I get more accomplished, others I just sit and THINK about what should be in it.   When I’m at work, I get all ambitious to sit down and WRITE, which lasts up until the moment I walk into the house. Then it’s all I can do to tear off my clothes and spend the afternoon in front of a fan waiting for the sun to go down.  I used to nap during the heat of the day and work at night.  So far I have only experienced a couple of overly hot evenings, certainly not enough to miss air conditioning. Perhaps if I ever get the second floor finished and have a bedroom up there a/c will be possible, it is still just naked insulation. I keep thinking if ONLY I finish writing this book I can address these things, but then I can’t all hang my needs around a new publication, what will happen when I get disappointed? The cats seem to like it here, half of them spend the day outside sleeping and terrorizing the neighborhood rodentia. I like it here. I tried spending a few days away this summer, I came back after 24 hours. I MOVED to VACATIONLAND for godsake. what the hell was I thinking?

The new book….the new book is about living alone.


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