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new baby
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normal course of the day means: clean house, process orders, spend rest of the day deciding which bill to pay with today’s sales. sometimes i accidentally answer the wrong phone call and spend 5 plus hours trying to coax a cat and kitten from under a shed and into a trap. usually it’s a happy occasion, but these days no one is adoping black and white kitten regardless of cuteness level. I just hope I can find a foster home for them. I’m a little topped out myself. I just had still 2 more babies arrive the old fashioned way about 10 minutes ago.

and just because i didn’t have ENOUGH to do, for the last few weeks i have been thinking about ‘rescuing’ a betta from one of those tiny plastic cups at the pet store. I know I shouldn’t have spent them two bucks fifty, but once i stuck him next to the PC, I found I could waste ages of time just watching him blow bubbles. If i don’t kill him by morning I will name him. any suggestion? He really doesn’t like his picture taken.

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