fish in a barrel

Recently i was interviewed by the local daily paper about the Rail Trail project here in Methuen. I didn’t expect much to come of it, I have been trying for 2 years to get coverage to further the project, but now that i don’t need it, they are calling. Well a by product of print media coverage is that they run the piece online, comments and all. I don’t know how it is in the rest of the world, but this little local rag has a following of crazy stupids that spend their days slashing and hacking away at every news piece that appears on the website. I am not talking Boston Globe or New York Times type of reader who takes the time to comment, i am talking rabid frothing at the mouth phone in caller who is turned loose without a 10 second delay system. Basically it’s a rough impoverish urban landscape where all the angry white folks who think that brown people have taken their jobs and shat in their streets take their anger to the internet. Any civic improvement project is at their mercy for rumor mongering and finger pointing – you could be using your own money to build a convent full of vestal virgins and all in their tiny minds blind eye will see is a waste tax payers money and a playground for scum and villainy. Trailblazing Methuen Group sparks new use of old trail line.. Now I knew going in that there would be rumor mongering and disinformation and blind stupidity, but could i IGNORE such a confederacy of dunces? No, i couldn’t. With the blessing of people whose opinions I trust, I weighed in at every turn. They accused me of wasting tax money, i countered with the truth that it wasn’t spending anyone’s money, save my own. They saw crime at every road bend, I reminded them that the trail is piss straight and that drug dealers are notoriously lazy and wouldn’t walk 2 miles to commit a crime they can do from their own window. THey said the trail is all polluted and trashy, and i explained how we have been cleaning it every week with no expectation of praise….and so forth..mostly counteracting any silly ass conclusion with the truth…mocking mercilessly as i went. I could have continued answering every comment with a comment, but personally i though the returns became diminished as soon as I had provoked them into insulting me personally. As soon as i was called fat or rude or something I hadn’t thought of, then i abandoned the comment thread..i can’t argue with name calling, especially since i am probably whatever they had just called me…certainly fat and rude fit. Anyway, those with opinions I actually give a shit about don’t normally read these things, but those that have tell me that it is highly entertaining and that these numbskulls never stood a chance.


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