Main Entry: broke
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: without money
Synonyms: bankrupt, beggared, bust, cleaned out, destitute,dirt poor,

flat broke, impoverished, in Chapter 11,in debt, indebted,

indigent, insolvent, needy,penniless, penurious, poor, ruined,

stone broke,strapped, tapped out

So, I’m doing what everyone does when they get tapped out.  I am loading items on eBay as fast as my freezing cold little match girl fingers can type. I guess it’s the post-coital holiday romance when folks stop buying anything they don’t absotively posilutely need, i know i don’t. I have prints hanging around un framed, appliances disassembled waiting around for parts, and I think my wool winter coat is being held for ransom at the cleaners.  I guess i am at heart a grasshopper, not exactly having a big cushion waiting to nibble on come lean times. Every year I keep expecting to change, but grasshoppers don’t morph, that’s moths.  I usually depend on my ability to earn just a little bit more when i need it, and yes …hangs head in shame…sometimes that includes selling off some of the crap i have spent my money on over the last 50 years.  But i have a lot less crap now and lot more bills.

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