So I went to this Urban Parks Summitt yesterday… 260 people from around the state all working towards the betterment of their communities and improvement of open spaces….as you can guess I started of depressed and my mood became fouler as the day went on…until the end of the year i have an antagonistic lame duck city regime with no hope of getting so much as a lawn mowed.

Good news is that I have been playing the two mayoral candidates, they know I got a pocketful of infrastructure improvements which are all easy grant gets, so as long I am offering something for nothing I’m a very popular girl, I’m such a slut.

I do have a preferred candidate but I will be okay either way. I brought the town a packaged deal for the rail trail with no strings and no city cost and they have fumbled it at every turn. my god it’s like trying to bake a cake with the Marx brothers: Zeppo and Gummo.

I warned people I work best alone I don’t play well with others especially if the are stupid. Tiny minds make me tired. Neither of the new guys is perfect one is quick and the other is educated now if I could put em through a ricer.

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