flogging the kitty

kittenface cute huh? well their cute is wearing off… i have 6 left, and nearly all of them still have the runs. They aren’t technically ready for adoption for another 2 weeks, but they won’t be unless i can knock out the smelly kitten thing. oF course these will be my last fosters here. Not that i am expecting to leave soonish…but i need to collapse all the cages and scrub the floor in the living room and get it suitable for showing. without the kittens, and Oreo who passed away a couple of weeks ago, it should be much easier to keep the place clean. I made a deal with the rescue group to take the unaadoptables, but after spending the week considering what i need in a new home, i keep coming back to the fact that i really do need to find homes for a couple of the cats that live with me. Don’t get me wrong, i am ALWAYS looking for homes for them, but my personal rule is that last in, the 1st out and it seems every couple of months someone, including the city dumps a cat on me that needs to be rescued. I have had TWO rescues at the behest of the city in the last week alone, but neither of one came anywhere near coming to my house. The one I pulled out of a hoarders house went to one rescue group and the one i collected from some lady’s garden went to another. My house is now offlimits to any rescues. In the last 10 years i have done a lot of favors for a lot of people. It’s about time that I started collecting on some of these. I have 4 perfectly adoptable cats who aren’t exactly MINE mine, just furry roommates. Without a constant chance of incoming rescues, I think i can spend some extra effort trying to flog these kitties.


I didn’t do much towards the project today…. I have a lot of unfinished projects that I would like to put to bed before start something so major. I know that the sicpress publications will do ever so much better out in the Pioneer Valley more than in the Merrimack Valley, so I need to clear the decks to make room. Though a few of the titles I have been working on will go over regardless of locale. I spent the day adding the indexing to this cookbook, it may not sell well, but i am very pleased with the cover. I got a little stressed designing the cover, until I went back to My pal the long dead Homer Winslow.  I have just as much digital crap to put to bed as I do crap in the real world.

Now that i have made this decision, I really can’t wait until it gets a wiggle on.  I am sick of my life, and not just the kitten poop coating it.   I really loathe and despise august no one buys anything.   Tonight I had to decide on cat food or phone bill,  I chose the cat food…i really don’t have anyone I need to talk to this weekend.   Maybe someone will buy something before long.




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