I have to speak to the garden club tonight . . . I haven’t written a speech as much as a list of topics that want to cover.  I haven’t gardened MYSELF for a number of years. Ten years ago when i had a thriving business on the net I had plenty of time to play in the garden. But since then i have to much guilt, any time spent working on something that doesn’t have a profitable result makes me feel bad. Tonight will be a some stream of consciousness stuff about the rail trail project and all the land resource stuff i have my fingers into.

It did help that i had to dig through the unfinished projects on my desk . . . one of which is this little guy. I am trying to make a logo out of him . . . his wings are ACTUALLY a map of the town, with the body and head added on.  Since i suck at creating vector graphics, i send out a note to someone on FIVERR.com for help. there are about 90 guys on Fiverr making logs of 5 bucks. but what i really need is a vector graphic that i can incorporate INTO a logo such. I had the idea for him for a long time now. I think he’s a good image for Methuen Trails Committee because of the wing thing. we will see how it goes. I’ve leaned on Fiverr.com in the past for help when i break stuff. Shocking what you can get done for five bucks.

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