flying buttress

paulspub I think I may have intimidated someone into putting me behind a bar. I haven’t pushed it yet, it’s not a ‘bad’ place per se, just not what i had expected. I know I know shut up and do it already… I need to go back a few more times before I take the plunge. It’s got cement walls, plastic cups and from what I have been seeing very very few customers.  If you don’t count the professional drinkers from the rooming house above.  I dropped down again last night, it was a big occasion, they had a band: six band members  and five customers. But it got busier as it went along.  Not everyone was there to see the band, the bartender was much younger and perkier I have ever been.  She had hoop earrings and something “-licious” printed on her t-shirt. But my glimpse into the tip bucket told me that she was doing okay. I doubt I would do as well on a no-band night….and for my chest to ever be considered -licious again I’d need a flying buttress.  Let me look through my t-shirts again and get back to you.

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