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As a treat for Halloween I ordered up an obscure dvd (I am not really a Reese’s Cup kinda girl.) The Call of Cthulhu made by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society. Though I have read a great many of the original stories I am not yet a devout Lovecraftian, but I had read positive things about this short film and I figured it would be good for a deep dark autumnal evening. I was completely surprised to find that it was, in the words of my people (New Englanders) ‘wicked good’.

It isn’t just a piece of fan fiction it is a work of art. Done on a budget that won’t even buy a tricked out new car, it is totally a work of love and art. By emulating the period style of a 1920’s horror film (Cabinet of Caligari, the Golem etc . . ) shooting in black and white, and silent and using period effects like trick photography, forced perspective, stop motion animation, and a WHOLE lot of cardboard and duct tape, these folks have produced a viable, serious film. Delightfully creepy and quaint – just like the rest of Lovecraft’s work.

So, for the genre freak on your holiday gift list – think outside the box, because inside the box is probably something with tentacles and teeth.

Call of Cthulhu DVD
47 minutes, black and white, silent

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